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New Jersey:
P.O. Box 20
Keyport, New Jersey 07735

New York:
3117 Richmond Road
Staten Island, NY 10306

11266 W. Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, FL 33525

2625 Piedmont Road                                             
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Phone: 800-631-2228
Fax: 732-739-0810
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The TCi Difference


There is a reason why we have hundreds of satisfied clients! They appreciate the effort we make to collect money for them. We work hard and it shows! We value having you as a client and will work hard to prove that to you in our collection efforts. All collection agencies are not the same….learn what makes TCi so different and how that difference will benefit you!

Our Collection Strategies

Placing an Account for collection:  It is easy to place an account for collection with our office. Simply complete the form via our website’s secure server, mail or fax your information and we will begin the collection process immediately. Please be sure to include the loanliner/loan agreement (Credit Union) or dates of service (Medical or Commercial account) with all signed paperwork (home address, SS#, DOB, etc.) and all pertinent information essential for us to begin collection.  (If you are a first time client, we will first need you to complete our service agreement, also accessible via our website. This agreement simply outlines our fees and services and authorizes us to collect the account on your behalf.)


Payments Collected:  If an account is collected in our office, we will deduct our fee and remit the balance to your office.*
If a debtor pays your office directly, we will simply bill you for our fee. We are most effective in having the debtor remit payment within the first 90 days of activity in our office. Our aggressive phone calls and persuasive letters have proven to motivate the debtor to pay!

*Please note: Insufficient funds, stop payment or bankruptcy filings may require a reversal of funds collected. Such activity will be documented on your monthly statement and your office will be notified.

Credit Bureau Reporting: At your request, we can notify the Credit Bureau of your debtor’s delinquent account, free of charge. This is a service we offer to all of our clients.  Once the debtor has successfully resolved this debt, the Credit Bureau would be notified and their records will be updated accordingly.  Free service? Yes, that is the TCi difference!

Skip Tracing:  We will pursue collecting accounts regardless of a bad address or phone number! We explore unique avenues to find these debtors. We fully investigate a debtor’s background to determine if he/she has tangible assets or a current place of employment. We even utilize the same databases available to the FBI and law enforcement agencies to find unreachable debtors.  We do not charge extra for these services…rather it shows our level of dedication in collecting on “hard to collect” accounts!  This is just part of the TCi difference!

k7369240Legal Collection:  If a debtor has ignored our efforts for collection and has a substantial balance, we will forward his/her account to an attorney for collection. The attorneys we utilize are usually very persuasive to convince debtors to make payment arrangements and/or settlements knowing that they may face litigation if they don’t resolve their debt.   

Prior to securing a judgment, we will investigate to insure that the debtor has a tangible asset or a job that will enable the enforcement of such a judgment.  Before we legally file an account, we will always seek your written approval for authorization.  Although the client is financially responsible for court costs necessary to file a judgment, you will still only be charged 35% commission on the monies collected towards the judgment. Most other agencies will charge fees in excess of 40% or 50% for legal action….we don’t….this is one example of the TCi difference you will experience!

What Our Clients Have To Say….

“We had the ultimate ‘UNCOLLECTIBLE’ account. The debtor was in jail for theft, Turk Collectors recovered $7200 for us”. Credit Union, Cranford, NJ.

“We found they are more effective than any other local agency we had used. They are so professional.”
Credit Union, Dallas, TX.

“Their knowledge of insurance coverage is astounding. I recommend every Credit Union have them at least review their losses.” Credit Union, Newark, NJ.

“I love the personal attention I receive from TCi and their rates are so reasonable!” 
Medical Client, Staten Island, NY.