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Turk Collectors, Inc. (TCi) Collection Services Agreement

We, the undersigned parties, agree to the following terms and conditions as outlined below.  Once a Client submits an account(s) for collection with Turk Collectors, Inc., hereafter known as TCi, we will proceed with the collection process and actively work the account(s) until resolution or cancellation. Upon the collection of the account, TCi will receive the commission fee previously agreed to by both parties.  If Client/Creditor receives any direct payments, in full, in part, or negotiates a settlement, with an account placed with TCi, then the agreed upon commission fee is due to TCi upon submission of an invoice to the Client/Creditor.  Furthermore, the Client/Creditor must notify TCi when a direct payment has been received.

TCi agrees to report and pay to the Client, the net proceeds of all collections after fees have been subtracted, and the Client will remit any proceeds due TCi within 30 days of billing. The Client will receive monthly statements from TCi detailing any and all collection activity for the month (minus our fee) and a corresponding remittance check for funds collected.

TCi and CLIENT agree that the following shall constitute the service and conditions between TCI and CLIENT:

  1. The Client agrees to hire TCi to investigate, communicate, forward to affiliate collection agencies and to take any and all reasonable collection steps.  All collection efforts taken by TCi in the settlement and collection of assigned accounts will be in accordance with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).
  2. The Client grants and conveys to TCi the right of endorsement in clearing drafts, checks, and notes for collections. The Client gives full authorization for TCi to negotiate a payment schedule with the debtor. However, TCi will seek the Client’s prior approval and authorization of any compromise or settlement negotiation with the debtor.
  3. ALL direct payments, partial or full, payroll deduction, wage garnishments and/or settlements made to the Client shall be reported to TCi and the agreed upon commission fee will be paid to TCi.
  4. Creditor/Client agrees not to reassign any collection accounts assigned to TCi to other agencies, attorneys, or any other parties while these accounts are open and active with TCi.  Creditor/Client further agrees that if the accounts are withdrawn without just reason or cause that compensation fees will be paid to TCi.  Written notice is required for any withdrawal of accounts by the Client. Accounts on which payment has been made within 90 days prior to notice will remain with TCi for collection.
  5. In cases where legal action is necessary, TCi will require prior authorization and approval from the Creditor/Client, including the estimated cost to file suit. Court costs are the financial responsibility of the Client.
  6. TCi will send a monthly statement to the Creditor/Client detailing all monthly collection activity (court costs, direct payments and other activity may be included on the monthly statement) and will remit payment to Client for any collection funds received, minus our agreed upon collection fee.
  7. The collection agency fees will be in accordance with the fees listed on our website unless otherwise agreed to by both TCi and the Creditor/Client.

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If you DISAGREE with the terms described in the above Client Agreement, please contact us at 1-800-631-2228 to discuss any of the terms of our contract. Prior authorization is required to proceed with filing a claim with our office.

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